Our Story

Disinformation has become a business. Today’s internet business models reward engagement above all else. These models monetise attention without considering the quality of the content garnering that attention, or the harm that may result. There is a robust and growing community of industry, policy, and civil society advocates pressing for reform of this ecosystem, they all need data to inform their actions.

The Global Disinformation Index was born out of this need for data, specifically the need for transparent, independent neutral disinformation risk ratings across the open web. GDI’s founders recognised early on that in order to disrupt the business model of disinformation, commercial companies, researchers and policymakers alike need access to independent ratings of news sites’ disinformation risk. These risk ratings are then used by advertising technology companies to ensure advertisers money and brands do not end up supporting high risk websites. Stakeholders also need strong and consistent leadership to help navigate the ever changing disinformation landscape.

Thus, GDI was established in 2018 as a not-for-profit entity built on the three pillars of neutrality, independence and transparency.


GDI is non-political, nonpartisan, and global in nature. We operate and partner in dozens of countries and with a variety of organisations, all united in combating disinformation and its harms.


GDI does not take funding from media companies or grants from technology companies. Our funding comes from a wide range of sources including governments, foundations and licencing our data to those who can use it to defund disinformation.


Many of our research methodologies and findings are made public, as are our funding sources. We also operate an open appeals process for sites that wish to contest their risk assessment.

Our Founders

Clare Melford

Clare is the Co-founder & CEO of The Global Disinformation Index. An experienced CEO in the commercial and not-for-profit sectors, Clare was formerly CEO of the International Business Leaders Forum and MD of MTV Networks, Nordics. Currently, Clare also serves on the Global Growth Board for the Conscious Advertising Network and on the board of EDMO. Clare was a founding board member of Girls not Brides, the global coalition to end child marriage.

Dr. Daniel Rogers

Dr. Daniel J. Rogers is the Co-founder and Executive Director of The Global Disinformation Index. Prior to founding GDI, he founded and led Terbium Labs, an information security and dark web intelligence startup and before that worked in the US Intelligence Community. Dr. Rogers also serves as an Adjunct Professor at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs and is a Security Fellow of the Truman National Security Project.

Advisory Panel

Anne ApplebaumProfessor in Practice and Co-Director of Arena, LSE

Peter PomerantsevCo-Director of Arena, LSE

Miguel MartinezCo-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Signal Media

Hany FaridUC Berkeley

Nic NewmanReuters Institute of Journalism

Camille FrancoisNiantic

Ben NimmoAtlantic Council

Scott HaleOII/Meedan

Franziska RoesnerUniversity of Washington

Finn HeinrichOpen Society

Olaf SteenfadtRSF/Journalism Trust Initiative

Cris TardáguilaPoynter Institute/International Fact Checking Network

Amy MitchellPew Research Center

David TaubenheimNvidia

Alexandra MousavizadehTortoise Media

Laura ZommerChequeado


Argosy Foundation
Charles Koch Institute
Catena Foundation
UK Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office
National Endowment For Democracy
Craid Newmark Philanthropies
Knight Foundation
Open Society Foundations
Bohemian Foundation
Disinfo Cloud

Select Partners

Integral Ad Science (IAS)
Oracle Advertising
Queensland University of Technology - Digital Media Research Center
Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro
McGill University Centre for Media Technology and Democracy
Simon Fraser University Digital Democracies Institute
Université Laval Centre d'études sur les médias
Caucasus Research Resources Center
Media Development Foundation
Centre for Internet and Society
Istituto di Informatica e Telematica
Code for Africa
Centre for East European Policy Studies
Centre for Independent Journalism
Data Cívica
Paradigm Initiative
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Partnership for Countering Influence Operations
The Asia Research Centre at Universitas Indonesia

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