June 21, 2022

Senior Data Scientist


The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reducing online disinformation by identifying and labelling domains with a “risk of disinforming” rating. Our goal is to create a world free of disinformation and its harms.

GDI staff collaborate remotely, working together across countries and time zones. Our team culture is one of high trust and high transparency: colleagues are empowered to work flexibly, collaborate effectively, and take responsibility for high-quality outcomes.

GDI is built on 3 pillars:

  • Independent: GDI is not for profit and diversely funded.  It exists solely to assess online publishers’ risk of disinforming their readers.
  • Neutral: GDI is apolitical, global, and evidence-based.
  • Transparent: GDI’s rating criteria, index methodology, and detailed assessments will all be public, auditable, and disputable.


We continually strive to model the following behaviours in our interactions with others: 

  • Positivity: Problem solver, not problem raiser. 
  • Responsibility: Make it your problem - if it’s not right, fix it.
  • Trustworthy: Make sure others can depend on you - If you say you are going to do it, do it.
  • Respect: treat everyone, especially those with whom we disagree, with courtesy and respect. 

Main Responsibilities

GDI is seeking applicants for a Senior Data Scientist to join our technical team. We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, detail-oriented, can successfully navigate complexity and ambiguity, make informed decisions, knows when to reference documentation and when to ask for advice, and leaves things better than they found them.

In this role, you will be highly analytical and possess a strong mathematical background in machine learning and statistics, as well as a passion for countering disinformation and building ethical, unbiased solutions.

The key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Work with data scientists, software engineers, intel analysts, and product managers to formulate, research, and implement machine learning solutions to detect and analyse online disinformation.
  • Interpret and develop solutions to understand the complex online ecosystem by using a range of techniques, such as statistics, machine learning techniques, and other methods.
  • Identify opportunities to add customer value and use the Python tech stack to build proof-of-concepts and prototype ideas

Experience and Qualifications

  • 4+ years of experience collaborating with teams of data scientists and software engineers.
  • Well-rounded knowledge of statistics, machine learning, and experimental design.
  • Experience with NLP and semantic models.
  • Understanding data modelling and experience working with various data sources (APIs, CSVs, JSON).
  • Proficiency with the Python machine learning stack and SQL.
  • Ability to communicate challenging technical problems to a non-technical audience.
  • Skills to operate effectively in a fast-paced, complex business.
  • Passion for countering disinformation.
  • Proficiency with Git, pull requests, and engineering code reviews. 
  • Familiarity with Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Experience building scalable software products, data pipelines, or deploying machine learning models.
  • Experience with social network analysis, data visualisation, interpretability, and exploratory analysis.
  • Professional fluency in languages other than English.
  • Problem solver and doer; someone who just "steps up."
  • Past experience working as part of a remote/virtual team.


Location: Remote – Based, and right to work, in the UK, Germany, or the USA (preferably in the following states: Texas, New York, Florida, or D.C.).

Reporting to: CTO

Hours: Working hours are flexible. Full-time (37.5 per week). 

As a global organisation, some flexibility for cross-time zone communication to be available for limited virtual meetings outside of office hours is required.

Terms: Competitive salary based on location and expertise.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter stating your interest and qualifications for this role by email to: jobs@disinformationindex.org

Please state “Application for Senior Data Scientist” in the subject line.

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